operational excellence

The Lochend Industry Producers Group (LIPG) has agreed upon a set of operational commitments in the Lochend area. These commitments demonstrate the transparency and accountability of our oil and gas operations. By working together, our goal is to minimize the impacts to your community. All operational commitments and best practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements set by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).


Disclosing of hydraulic fracturing fluid

 As of January 2013, all four LIPG companies have posted the composition of their hydraulic fracturing fluids on www.fracfocus.ca, a chemical disclosure site for all wells in Alberta and British Columbia.



 Utilizing incinerators surpasses the combustion efficiency of flaring equipment.

In an incinerator, gas and air are mixed and ignited in an enclosed chamber resulting in higher combustion temperatures and improved combustion efficiency, without the presence of a visible flame. These incinerators exceed the requirements of the AER.

For more details on incineration, flaring and regulatory requirements, please visit the AER website at:  http://www.aer.ca/about-aer/enerfaqs/enerfaqs-flaring


Health and Safety

Ensuring that all member companies have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and are active members of the Western Canadian Spill Services (WCSS) Cooperative.

Resident Notification

During completion testing, 24 hours’ notice is provided to residents within a 1.5km area radius..

Protecting Water Wells

Ensuring that site specific potable water well testing is performed at a minimum of 400 m from a proposed well. This ensures the quality of the resident’s water well. Although this is not required by the regulator, we offer to test well water before drilling to provide a baseline for water quality and quantity.

Using Water Responsibly

Water withdrawals from local sources are identified by landowners or recommended by Rocky View County. The LIPG will continue to share the water, and where possible, share recycled flowback water with one another.

Road Use Agreements

At their own cost, each member company will uphold the road use agreements. Hauling routes used on an ongoing basis will be maintained to the satisfaction of Rocky View County. This includes addressing dust control, replenishing and grading gravel, and repairing surface and sub-surface damage as a result of operations usage.