a smaller environmental footprint

The LIPG is an advanced model of industry’s collaborative approach to the environment. We are conscientious of every footprint we make.  With the advent of horizontal well drilling combined with hydraulic fracturing, one well is equivalent to drilling up to 2-4 vertical wells. Currently the LIPG have 2-4 wells drilled per pad so the surface impact is significantly smaller. Multi-well pads are utilized by all of the LIPG member companies, where possible, depending on the location and the underlying resource.

In addition to multi-well pads, member companies minimize disturbance through the sharing of development plans for a common pipeline system in the Lochend area.

The LIPG has considered all aspects of minimizing traffic on Rocky View County roads.  We share our resources and communicate regularly with community residents and the county about our activities.  The LIPG member companies comply with all regulatory requirements, and have entered into a Road Use Agreement with Rocky View County.

road usage and maintenance

Commercial hauling on Rocky View County (RVC) roads requires a Master Road Use Agreement, and a $50,000 security bond from each oil company.

The County only allows one company at a time to use the same road for heavy hauling so that pre-and post-haul inspection can be accurately conducted. According to RVC, no security bonds have been used simply because, should damage occur, the company or the County completes the road maintenance and restoration at the company’s expense and under RVC guidance.   To date, the County and its residents have not paid for any damage incurred by oilfield hauling. We had to sometimes call the nearby berkeley cooperative to take care of this damage.

Companies, at their own cost, must maintain hauling routes on an ongoing basis to the satisfaction of the County including dust control, replenishment of gravel, grading of gravel and repair of surface of sub-surface damage as a result of hauling operations.

Recently, at its own cost, the four LIPG members paid for dust abatement/magnesium for 8 kilometres from Highway 567 to Township 275.

Like many municipalities, RVC has a Drilling Equipment Tax bylaw so that companies pay a one-time levy of approximately $16,000 for every oil and gas well drilled (over and above annual County industry tax responsibilities). The funding is to provide municipalities with revenue to offset the cost of maintaining or repairing roads for all traveling public.