The LIPG is a group of Calgary-based oil and gas companies that formed an alliance in June 2011 to collaborate on oil and gas infrastructure for the purpose of reducing impact in the Lochend area north to Cochrane, Alberta. The member companies comprise:

The LIPG continues to be committed to integrity, safe and fair practices and to partnering with the community for responsible resource development.


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) developed a new process for handling recurring multi-year and multi-stakeholder complaints involving human health concerns. The AER completed, with the help of Alberta Health and the LIPG, a comprehensive technical assessment of recurring complaints in the Lochend area. The assessment provides a detailed look at the complaints received by the AER, the AER’s actions, area operator performance, and monitoring.

The report, Recurring Human Health Complaints Technical Information Synthesis created from this assessment makes a few important conclusions:

  • Regulatory Compliance in the Lochend area is at or above the provincial average
  • Flaring/incineration related to oil and gas production in the Lochend area has not exceeded Alberta’s Ambient Air Quality Objectives
  • There is a monitoring gap for air emissions generated during flaring/well test incineration in initial stages of new development, specifically during flowback after hydraulic fracturing
  • The current reduced development activity in the Lochend area makes it challenging to collect further information, specifically with respect to flowback operations because there are few new developments planned

The AER will continue to study flowback operations in Alberta with the participation of the Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Environment & Parks. Residents in the Lochend area will be consulted and will have an opportunity to participate in the study. Human health concerns that arise will be addressed by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services. The AER’s role is to support these regulators when questions arise about the impact of energy resource development. The LIPG is committed to work collaboratively with all regulators in the province.

This Lochend report is the first document that the AER developed as part of the new process for handling recurring human health complaints. A similar report has since been developed for the Didsbury area and one is currently being worked on for the Fort MacKay area.
The report is available here: Recurring Human Health Complaints Technical Information Synthesis

Effective immediately TriOil Resources Ltd. has changed their name to ORLEN Upstream Canada.  See announcement...

In September 2013, TriOil announced that it is to be acquired by ORLEN Upstream S.P.Z.O.O.  Read more…

The Lochend Industry Producers Group (LIPG) has agreed upon a set of operational commitments in the Lochend area. These commitments demonstrate the transparency and accountability of our oil and gas operations. By working together, our goal is to minimize the impacts to your community.

All operational commitments and best practices meet or exceed regulatory requirements set by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).